Key elements and technical features to look for in a first-class test case management tool uncovering a cheap and reliable test case management solution

It goes without saying that the importance of having powerful tools in the test case management process has been comprehended and implemented by a large number of companies and their dedicated staff.
Finding the perfect test case management solution for the Jira bug tracking system and other software of this kind is both crucial and extremely complex.
Several factors need to be considered prior to making a decision and committing to a certain program and these factors are the key in discovering which solution is a first-class one, thus eliminating any possible mediocre attempt at quality.
Experts in the field have already agreed that TestUp is a cheap and reliable test case management tool with great potential and a number of technical features that set it apart from its competitors which is why we are about to evaluate this option and present to you an answer to the frequently asked questions on the topic, as well as those regarding TestUp, its efficiency and its overall reliability.

What defines a first-class test case management tool?

It is a central piece in the process of creating top programming results, a crucial element in the course of fitting items.
Any premium tool of this sort is defined by its ability to assist teams in delivering the highest quality items by making use of ingenious testing methods.
The most reliable software is powerful enough to cover every task and inspect programming items with great efficiency.
The ultimate goal pursued when implementing this solution is the achievement of company goals, without flaws or inaccuracies.

What should clients look for when choosing a test case management system?

A variety of aspects need to be considered in this sense.
For starters, clients should be able to organize and manage, as well as create and execute test cases and the steps of a test when using this solution.
The best option to look for is a web-based form of software released by a reputable name in the field and appreciated by peers as a result of being comprehensive and effective.
Further on, the possibility of managing sanity sets and regression processes is another must-have element which should not lack.

What is the connection between test case management and bug tracking?

For companies with operations in IT related areas, the need for a bug tracking solution is high and its use has become a general rule.
It assists your staff members with identifying the bugs in the systems and handling the problems before the launching date of your products.
The connection between these bug tracking tools and the solutions we have been discussing so far can be found in the reason why you need bug tracking and test case as part of development cycle , whichis the lack or lowered efficient that the first system has without the power of the latter.
Joining these two technologies into a combined system permits enhanced access and control over the entire process, a superior quality standard and the effectiveness of not directing twp separate tools.

What are the key elements observed in the case of TestUp and does it deserve its reputation?
TestUp is the official test management tool released by InformUp in what has been a highly successful effort to create a system which stands out both in terms of reliability and affordability.
The reputation of this solution is based on its merits and derived from the benefits that it has brought to companies implementing it.
Some of the key elements that you can observe in the case of TestUp are the organizational pattern of the tests, which relies on hierarchical filers, the unlimited number of projects and test cases permitted,the power to generate bugs directly using Test Runs, the customized dashboard as well as an overall simplicity which increases the effectiveness and speedy use of the system.

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