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 How to install informUp on Windows 7 (32/64 - bit)

A brief guide to install informUp on windows 7 platform


Turn off UAC
1. Click Start, in the text box type UAC, and then press the 'Change User Accont Control Settings' (a 'User Account Control Settings' Window will be opened)
2. In the 'User Account Control Settings' Window change the button to 'Never notify' and press OK. (You must restart your machine)

Install IIS with the right configuration
3. Click Start, and open Control Panel, click Programs and Features

4. Click on 'Turn Windows Features on or off'.

5. Choose 'Internet Information Services'. Expand 'Internet Information Services', then choose 'Web Management Tools' and 'IIS Management Conaptability' with it's sub-tree (see picture).

Install informUp
1. Download Installation setup, browse to:
2. Select Download, unzip the file and run install.bat (and follow the wizard)
3. Browse to "http://localhost/informup/" and login using User: "admin" and Pass: ""

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